I get it. You don’t have the skills necessary to start a new career or turn your life around or start doing something that really lights up your loins.

First, I’m going to tell you you’re full of shit.

You’re full of shit.

Second, I’m going to give you 10 attributes to start mastering that require absolutely zero skill and can be applied to doing literally anything. And not just doing – excelling at.

1 | Work Ethic

Work ethic is an elusive bitch. Some people are born with the motor that effortlessly guides them through life with the vigor and ferocity of a panty-chasing high school senior. Others aren’t so lucky.

The good news? You can do certain things to maximize what I like to call your motor coefficient.  Find something you’re enthusiastic or passionate about and work ethic will swiftly follow suit.

Stop complaining and find the fun in working your ass off.

2 | Body Language

That guy hunched over in the corner with his arms crossed and his chin wedged tightly between his rib cage? Yeah, no one wants to work with that guy.

Watch this TED talk from Amy Cuddy on body language and call me in the morning.

3 | Energy

What good is a powerful motor if you’re filling it with shit gasoline? Being high energy has everything to do with how well you’re taking care of yourself. This includes body and mind. Get more sleep. Eat better food. Get your ass off the couch and move around. Start a meditation practice.

Your body puts out whatever you put in. Get yourself some high-octane, face-melting rocket fuel and reap the benefits of a longer, more productive day.

4 | Be on Time

This one’s easy. Don’t waste people’s time and they won’t waste yours. More importantly, they won’t think your an inconsiderate, lazy POS for failing to be the master of your chronal domain.

5 | Effort

Try. Just try.

That’s all you have to do in life. Put an honest effort into something and nothing but good things can happen. If you succeed, great. If you fail, even better. Learn from those mistakes and be better the next time. Give a shit about the work you do and the life you live and be happier because of it.

6 | Be Coachable

It’s a tried and true sports cliche to refer to a player as “coachable.” In that context it comes across more like “submissive” and “does what I say” or “not a true leader,” but it turns out being coachable is an important attribute to have. Put your brevity and macho-man attitude in the sink and approach your life with the notion that you actually don’t know shit.

Because…you know…you probably don’t. Listen. Learn. Be better.

7 | Have Passion

Passion is love. Passion is enthusiasm. Passion is what will fuel you to be successful no matter what it is you’re doing. But we can’t flip that switch like some bionic passion switching robot man.

We have to identify things that might seem like work to someone else, but give you reason to get your ass out of bed in the morning.

The best part is they are easy to identify. You just have to look in the mirror and ask.

8 | Be Prepared

If you don’t want to stand around pale faced with your dick in your hand (and maybe you do), you’re going to want to be prepared for whatever it is you’re doing. This requires effort, energy, and sometimes a dash of work ethic.

And if you don’t quite have a handle on things enough to be prepared…

9 | Be Inquisitive

Ask questions. You won’t look stupid for not knowing something. You’ll look stupid if you remain silent, do the job and fuck everything up because you actually had no idea Chuck takes his coffee with three creams and a half-package of Splenda. How could you possibly know that?

Ask the fucking question!

10 | Attitude

If you focus on nothing other than your attitude towards life, the above 9 attributes will magically fall into place.

But it’s all cyclical.

Work hard. Eat better. Get exercise. Be nice to people. If you do things to start feeling good about yourself your attitude towards everything else will change and so will your life. This isn’t fluff or bullshit or me grasping at self-help straws.

This is how life works. 

Stop making excuses. Be better.

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Peter Secan

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