Another 30 days in the books and another challenge ahead. If you’ll remember, I’ve spend the last 30 days attempting to make breakfast for myself every morning. There were a few slips and a couple of falls – not to mention an 8 day vacation that put an abrupt halt to the promise I’d been showing – but overall I’d say I’m pretty happy with the way things went.

Here’s how they 30 days played out:

30 day breakfast list

A stumble to the finish line, to be sure. Attempting this challenge has actually taught me more about my sleeping patterns than my breakfast habits, and it shouldn’t have been a surprise that the two weren’t mutually exclusive. If I was able to wake up an hour before work, I likely would make breakfast. If not, bagel city. Sleep, it would appear, is actually as important as everyone says it is.

Anyway, it was a fun exercise and a successful one. I tried not to get too hard on myself if I slipped up a little bit, especially when I was frolicking up and down the East Coast, my bae in one arm and a cold drink on the other. I did pretty well and I learned something. That should always be good enough.

So what’s next?

Reading, that’s what! I’ve been saying for…let’s see I’ve been alive for almost 32 years…31 years now that I need to read more. I know it’s good for me. I know it’s even better for me if I’m trying to fancy myself a writer. So, why has it been¬†such a tough habit to make?

I’m sure it has something, if not everything, to do with the fast-paced nature of modern society. There are so many other inputs that give instantaneous return on our time investment (Netflix, Facebook, Playstation 4 come to mind). Reading isn’t one of them and really hasn’t been for a while now. For me, sitting down and reading for an hour might as well equate to an hour in the dentist’s chair. I hate that it’s come to this, but it’s the reality.

So, it is time to rewire my brain so as to not crave the canon blast of sensory satisfaction we’ve come so accustom to indulging in. I’m going to force myself to unplug, get comfortable, and get lost in the conversations that are begging to be had between the pages of several long-neglected tomes.

As with last month, I’ll be documenting each day so as to hold myself accountable for this challenge. Hopefully a month from now I’ll be the book lover I’ve always wished I was.

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Peter Secan

Peter Secan

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