I was going to post an article about summer jackets this evening (don’t worry it’s coming tomorrow) when I realized that it would be the 50th published article on The Self-Aware Man. I’m not going to go into accomplishment or pride or anything else I probably already covered here, but I do feel this is a good time to pause, reflect, and re-focus on why I started this blog in the first place.

Many of you may not be familiar with Trip Lanier. He’s a writer, life coach, and creator and curator of The New Man podcast. To say I was influence by him is an understatement. Listening to his interviews helped me to prioritize what was important to me in my life, and pushed me to follow the things I’m passionate about.

The Self-Aware Man is a direct response to those passions.

I had a brief back and forth email conversation with Tripp recently as I wanted to share with him my story and let him know how much he helped me. I asked him to take a look at my blog and offer any criticism or advice he might have. Within a half a day, he responded:

One of the things I do as a coach is try to reveal the question behind the question. I understand that you want me to review your website and “see what I think”.

But let’s go a little further: What are you *really* wanting beyond my opinion of your website?

I don’t know what the answer is, but my sense is that whatever it may be will help you serve your readers better. You getting clear about what *you* truly want is going to make your offering more potent.

That is not for me to decide.

He’s right. About all of it. I reached out to someone I looked up to fishing for compliments and validation that what I was doing was valuable. I have my reasons why I started this blog. Shit, it’s the first thing I ever wrote about.

It was a swift kick to the mid-section but came at an important time. I want to entertain people and to help people and to serve people, but none of that will happen unless I serve myself first. You have to make sure you’re own oxygen mask is secure before helping a child with theirs (there’s got to be a better analogy out there).

It’s something to keep in mind over the next 50 articles. And the 50 after that. And the 100 after that. With any luck, the passion to write about the absurdity of my life will burn as furiously then as it does today.

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Peter Secan

Peter Secan

Peter is an architectural designer, freelance writer, and creator of The Self Aware Man. He wants to use this blog to share his thoughts and experiences, and much of his power is derived from the baldness of his head. He currently freelances for several blogs, including BusyBoo, Easy Render and Games Like Zone.

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