bald_about imageMy name is Peter Secan, known here as The Self-Aware Man (still not sure if I should be hyphenating that). You'll find everything you need to know about why I started this men's lifestyle guide here, but the short version is that I wanted to create something meaningful that can have a real impact on people's lives that allows me to follow my passions in life. Those passions are writing and helping people, and this is my outlet.

I've never been trained as a writer or held any kind of professional job as a writer. I freelance a bit for an architecture website called ArchFly, but that's about as close as I've gotten to making any kind of career out of this. I'm not sure if that's the goal or not, but I wouldn't be mad if that's how things turned out. I write because it feeds me and if I can find a way to support my modest lifestyle doing that I'll be well on my way to paradise. This blog is all about finding passion and extracting that passion to find happiness. If I'm not trying to do that myself how could I possible tell others to do so?

If you're itching to get to know me better, follow The Self-Aware Man on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to my Feedburner page or via email (see below). I'll be posting new articles every day (God willing) with plenty of juicy anecdotes and observations about my life, and how it fits in with all of us living bigger and bolder. I am also currently writing regularly for several blogs, including,, and