Boat season actually means many things. Many glorious things. None more glorious than the opportunity to set off the angular bones of my upper ankle than a spicy pair of boat shoes.

I bought my first pair of nautical footwear just last year when I was living in San Francisco and quickly realized what I’d been missing. It matters not that they never fail to leave my feet cracked and severely blistered; I look as fresh as a just-opened bag of beef jerky.

Now back in Seattle, I’ve found little use for them in the dark, dreary months in the grasp of Father Winter. However, the flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and hipsters are collectively peeling back the drawstrings on their undersized hoodies.

Spring is here. Boat season is here. Boat shoes are here.

1 | Deck Shoes w/ Tassel Detail | Zara | price: $60 USD


Simple, elegant and affordable. Just how I like my women (kidding…or am I?). Seriously, I’m kidding. These shoes are no joke though, and come fully equipped with a tasseled lace, which is, you know, is cool I guess.

2 | Perforated 2-Eye Boat Shoe | Sperry | price: $98 USD


Breathability my friends. It’s all about breathability these days. A well-vented boat shoe like this gem from Sperry will leave you foot funk free without the fear of smelling like the old man from the Gold Bond commercials.

3 | Fabric Boat Shoe | Express | price: $80 USD


Summer is just as good a time as any to drape yourself in denim. This shoe is a modern take on the classic boating look. While they may not protect your feet from rogue waves or spilled Coors Light, they will compliment your freshly cut jean shorts.

4 | Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe | Band of Outsiders (Sperry) | price: $125 USD


Another can’t miss by Sperry that ditches actual laces and grommeted eye-holes for super funky printed details. This is one of the more unique boat shoes you’ll find and comes in a couple of different colors in case red is too ‘Wall Street’ for you.

5 | Pinch Weekender | Cole Haan | price: $98 USD

cole haan

See you at the disco inferno, cruise director! This is about as close to wrong as you can get with a boat shoe, but I’d still rock these all over the poop deck then take them straight to the after party. Even if it is a party of one.

. . . . . . . .

Bon Voyage! Ship’s ahoy! And all that other shit.

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