Every week I honor a man who isn’t afraid of doing things his own way. What better way to learn than to follow the example of someone who is doing it right…right?

Not only is Arian (roll that ‘r’ hard) an emerging garment entrepreneur selling funky vintage and custom designed clothes from his online shop AmanKourure, he also happens to be a good friend of mine.

For as long as I’ve known Arian, he’s always played to the beat of his own Kachina doll-patterned drum. I could tell you a story or seven, but the point here is to promote his business and not raise flags on the NSA’s watch list. I’ll let you decide if I’m joking or not. He’s traveled the world and manages to appear as if he’s a native whether he’s in Bangladesh, Sau Paulo or El Paso. It must be that silky bronze skin and serendipitously aloof sense of direction.

Native of Tucson, Arizona, Arian gets the nod this week because he’s someone in my life who always reminds me to be myself. I’ve seen him wear 5 different shades of denim before, and while we of course give him shit for it (what are friends for?), he turns around the next time and wears 6. I’ve seen him climb mountains in saguaro patterned black tights. I’ve seem him pee underneath the table at the back patio of a bar – a table that we were all sitting at – because he was too drunk or perhaps too lazy to find a bathroom. Nothing he does is orthodox and is undoubtedly someone who fucks convention, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve always admired him.

Cheers, Arian. You’re a good friend and I, for one, hope you never stop being such a weirdo. I mean that it the most endearing way possible.

I hope to include more of my friends for MOTW because of the personal role I have in their success stories..and their failure stories. I have a very oddly close-knit group of friends from college and if I can’t find ways to publicly embarrass them, then what the hell am I doing anyway?

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Peter Secan

Peter Secan

Peter is an architectural designer, freelance writer, and creator of The Self Aware Man. He wants to use this blog to share his thoughts and experiences, and much of his power is derived from the baldness of his head. He currently freelances for several blogs, including BusyBoo, Easy Render and Games Like Zone.

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