Having a unique watch not only makes you look like you’ve got your shit together, it’ll reduce the chance of you frantically fumbling your phone out of your pocket for a quick time check causing it to tumble to the floor and shatter into oblivion. These watches are cool, calm and will catch eyes of sweethearts everywhere.







1 | Nava OraUnica via Watchismo  |  price: $184

Simple, sleek, and a complete fucking mystery. A quick glance at this squiggly timepiece will have friends wondering why you decided to go watch shopping while peaking on acid. However, there is an elegant harmony in its chaos. The inner end of the string points to the hour and the outer end points to the minute. Duh!

Ziiiro Eclipse c/o watchismo








2| Ziiiro Eclipse via Watchismo | price: $220

A splash of color goes a long way for the Ziiiro Eclipse (yes, three ‘i’s). Its subdued red ring tracks the minute and hour hands around the perimeter as you wait in terror for the Eye of Sauron to appear in the middle.

arne jacobsen








3| Arne Jacobsen City Hall via PureModern  | price: $595

This piece is perfect for when you’re playing James Bond to her expendable damsel during your Thursday night role-playing session. It matches well with dry martinis, quirky one-liners and emotionless murder.









4 | 10-one-4 via ProjectWatches | price: $135

I’m pretty sure the 10-one-4 watch is part of some elaborate Soviet code…and I’m pretty sure I was just put on the Kremlin’s watch list. This one is good for parlaying a made up story about why only 3 numbers exist on the face into late-night company. Or skip all of it and just go to Taco Bell.










5 | 400 mm Free Time via ProjectWatches | price: $130-$145

I love everything about this watch, and I’m especially on board with the fact that every time you check the time on the 400 mm Free Time you have a brand new maze to solve.

color dial







6 | Cyclops Summer Nights via MrJonesWatches | price: $160-$180

I almost left this one off the list because of the fact that I’m color blind, but I’m too enamored with the retro funk factor on display here (pun…yes pun). Of course, I would never wear it because I get too many people asking me to discern the worlds color palette as it is.

the accurate








7 | The Accurate via MrJonesWatches | price: $190-$210

Look closely at the minute and hour hands and they read “remember” and “you will die.” It’s a fucked up reminder, to be sure, but quite possible the most genius piece of wrist-wear I’ve ever seen. Would you really be a lazy fuck all the time if your watch was constantly affirming your impending demise? I didn’t think so.


Alright so maybe these watches weren’t “Everything Zen,” but it was a catchy headline and a great Bush song so leave me alone!

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