I plan to flesh out this question at length in the development of the Self Aware Man-ifesto, but I want to touch on the abridged version for those of you who find my writing style…fatiguing. The following story explains why I circled around The Self Aware Man as the name and conceptual direction of this endeavor.

This story takes place in San Francisco about a year ago during the brief sabbatical I took from reality. I say that because nothing about living in San Francisco is anything but fantasy (is that a real sentence?). I did, however, learn a lot about myself during that time, but that’s a story for a different day.

I was on a date with a girl that I’d met at a bar a few nights earlier, and she told me that the most attractive quality a man can have is self-awareness, or the rare ability to understand how your presence (actions, body language, speech) is effecting the environment around you. I quickly shrugged it off as some biased reflection on her own perception of attraction, all of which is highly subjective and typically inhibited by drugs and alcohol. Well, at least in the circles I had been running in.

So I left it at that, blindly pretending to be ‘self-aware’ for the rest of the night in an attempt to court this particular woman into…ahem…coming over to watch a movie or something. For the purposes of this post that particular story ends there. It wasn’t until about a week later that I really began to understand what she meant.

I dove into research about self-awareness and quickly learned that it was about more than being able to accurately sense how you are effecting things around you. It’s about being able to recognize your flaws and your strengths and tailoring how you live your life accordingly.

It’s about being present, and creating habits that cultivate a clean, healthy and happy life.

It’s about living big and being the best version of yourself. It’s about everything I had been looking for on my search for a better life.

It’s about building a habitual foundation around key fundamentals that you know make your life better. These can include exercise, diet, meditation, gratitude practice, or anything else that centers your body and mind.

It’s about self-discovery and fueling your life by doing what lights you up inside. It’s about finding your passion.

It’s about not settling for living an unfulfilled life.

I quickly realized how the notion of self-awareness can be so widely applied to the transitions I was going through. I also realized it would be the perfect platform for me to share with the world my own thoughts and opinions on life’s struggles and how we can go about making the most of every situation. And since I don’t pretend to know anything about how women think, I’ve directed that platform at men.

That’s not to say that there aren’t things for women to find here, too. This site can be used to take a glimpse at how men operate and maybe even how to better communicate with us. No promises.

Anyway, that’s the long and skinny of how I unearthed the concept for The Self-Aware Man. I’ve discovered that I have a lot to say about life and, lucky for you, I’ve decided to speak from moderately visible pedestal. My hope is to build a community of people who share my desire to be better at life and create some forward momentum towards creating something substantial.

Care to join me?

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Peter Secan

Peter Secan

Peter is an architectural designer, freelance writer, and creator of The Self Aware Man. He wants to use this blog to share his thoughts and experiences, and much of his power is derived from the baldness of his head. He currently freelances for several blogs, including BusyBoo, Easy Render and Games Like Zone.

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